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grey weight vest comme vest 10
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Comme Vest 10

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The Comme Vest 10 is extremely compact and designed to be tailored fit to your upper torso. A handsome, clean-cut vest that’s highly durable and easily customizable to adapt to your training level. Hard to stop admiring how badass you look once you wear this. Suitable for males and females.

The entire set is approximately 10kg, including the weights.

Each cast-iron weight weighs approximately 0.98kg.

+ Made of highly durable, abrasion-resistant CORDURA® nylon

+ Padded with TPE foam for improved shoulder comfort

+ Comes with 10 removable cast-iron weights secured in exterior Velcro pockets (5 in the front, 5 in the back)

+ These weights have a special high-quality coating that doesn't wear off easily

+ Customize the fit with fully adjustable Velcro side straps

+ Clean-cut design, emblazoned with Commelab’s iconic orange stitching on the strap for a stylish finish

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Recommended to either hand wash in antibacterial soap or use a deodoriser and leave to air dry. Not recommended to machine wash.

TAKE NOTE: The packaging of the vest arriving at your doorstep may not be in the best condition. Some of 'em had a rough journey getting to you. Rest assured, your vest is well protected and sanitized when it reaches you.