Introducing the Comme Vests:
Commelab's weighted vests in 10kg, 15kg, and 20kg

Rated by over 100 customers.

Maximize fat burn, build muscle, and improve stamina all at once

  • 100% removable weights so you can scale your workouts
  • No abrasions or chaffing
  • For calisthenics, CrossFit, and street workouts
  • Suitable for males and females
  • For beginners and pros alike

Ready for a real challenge?

You can pay in 3 interest-free instalments!


"It's very snug around the torso area. I honestly don't have any complaints about it!"
- Jesse

3 Different Weights To Choose From

Comme Vest 10

  • Weighs approx. 10kg
  • 10 removable steel weights with long-lasting coating

Comme Vest 15

  • Weighs approx. 15kg
  • 16 removable steel weights with long-lasting coating


Comme Vest 20

  • Weighs approx. 20kg
  • 20 removable steel weights with long-lasting coating
  • Removable and washable inner protector
  • Crimson gun metal buckle

Comme Vest 20's New Feature

Comes with a removable and washable inner protector for easier cleaning!

As Used By

Calisthenics Trainer

Jump Rope & Calisthenics Enthusiast

Fitness Trainer

The Comme Vest Outperforms Other Weighted Vests

  • Abrasion-resistant. No chaffing!
  • Removable weights with long-lasting coating
  • Doesn't bounce when you jump
  • Thick shoulder padding for comfort
  • Compact, snug, stylish

Other Weight Vests

  • Frequent abrasions and chaffing
  • Low-quality weights with no coating
  • Bounces when you jump
  • Thin shoulder padding causes discomfort
  • Ill-fitting, not premium

Turn Every Movement Into a Full Body Workout


Weight Training


Rave Reviews From Our #COMMERADES

"It doesn't flop around when you jump, skip or do handstands."

- Terence

"Material feels good on the skin, no abrasions or itch."

- Wei Herng

"Highly recommended! The vest is compact and the cushion gives comfort."

- Ammani

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