Weight Vest Training: 6 Benefits You’re Missing Out On


Thinking of getting a weight vest? Or maybe you’re curious about how it's an effective workout gear? 

Our community of Commerades can attest to how awesomely versatile weight vests are for your workouts. Here are 6 benefits you’re missing out from weight vest training. 

#1: Stronger muscles, denser bones 

The extra weight from the weight vest pushes your muscles to adapt to this new weight. It’s the same concept as lifting heavy weights at the gym.

The results? Stronger muscles. 

Commelab weight vest push ups

Something lesser known is how weight vest training can promote stronger, denser bones.

Just like your muscles, your bones also increase in mass when put under increasing weight and strain. Stronger, denser bones help guard against degenerative bone diseases as you age. 

#2: Burn more calories and fats 

Working out with a weight vest helps to burn more calories. The extra weight forces your muscles to work harder so they need more energy. And where does this energy come from? 

Your calories, of course! This leads to more calories being burned, boosting fat burn. 

Weight vest training burns more calories and fats

#3: Improved endurance and stamina 

When you consistently work out with a weight vest on, your muscles will get used to training with that extra load.

That same work out suddenly becomes so much easier to do once you remove the weight vest. 

Running with Commelab's weight vest

So don’t be surprised if you’re able to do that exercise for longer or add more reps to it! 

#4: Healthier heart 

Weight vest training good for heart health

Because of the added resistance, your cardiovascular system has to work harder. This leads to a sharp rise in your body’s oxygen consumption and strengthens your lungs in the long run. Your heart also works harder to pump blood and support your intense cardiovascular activity. 

#5: Stronger core 

Weight vest training improves core strengthIf you thought doing a plank was tough, try doing it with a weight vest on. Sounds scary at first but it’s an awesome challenge that can help strengthen your core and improve your balance

#6: Break your strength plateau  

You’ll hit a strength plateau eventually if you keep doing the the same exercises or use the same equipment. Adding weight vest training to your workout plan helps spice things up since variety is the spice of life after all. 

Remember—you’ll only see positive results if you don’t let your body adapt to your current routine

Commelab weight vest ring pull up

6 Benefits of Weight Vest Training You Shouldn’t Miss

Let’s wrap this up by going through the 6 benefits of working out with a weight vest again: 

  • Stronger muscles, denser bones
  • Burn more calories and fats
  • Improved endurance and stamina
  • Cardiovascular benefits 
  • Stronger core 
  • Break your strength plateau 

If you’re looking for a weight vest, Commelab’s got 3 weight vests in 3 different weights so we’ve got something for beginners all the way to the pros.

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